BCQ Group and Hobbs the Printers are now certified Carbon Balanced Printers, having had their operational carbon emissions offset by World Land Trust (WLT).

The Carbon Balanced Print and Paper scheme has reached a key milestone in its aim to help companies and organisations reduce the carbon impacts of their printed communications. Buckingham’s BCQ Group and Southampton-based Hobbs the Printers have both signed up to become Carbon Balanced Printers, which involves having their total annual carbon emissions balanced through the global charity World Land Trust (WLT). This brings the total number of Carbon Balanced Printers up to 40.

“Both companies are fantastic additions to the Carbon Balanced Print and Paper scheme,” says Greg Selfe, Sales & Marketing Director for Carbon Balanced Print and Paper. “By balancing the carbon emissions of their operations, they will not only reduce their impact on the environment, but also their clients’ impacts, who will now benefit from the ability to use the Carbon Balanced Print logo on their printed communications”

Carbon Balanced Print and Paper works in partnership with World Land Trust. WLT offset emissions by protecting threatened tropical habitats that are both highly effective stores of CO2 and home to dozens of threatened species.

“We are both proud and delighted to be a certified Carbon Balanced Printer,” says Chris Smyth, Strategic Performance Director of BCQ Group. “The initiative perfectly complements our wider environmental work and sustainability values. It’s fantastic to access the suite of Carbon Balanced resources and materials that our sales team can use to build value with clients.”

“Joining the Carbon Balanced Print and Paper scheme is hugely important for us,” says Will Forster, Estimator at Hobbs the Printers. “Our customers are increasingly demanding products that have tangible benefits for the environment. We are therefore thrilled that everything we produce will now help World Land Trust preserve some of the world’s most threatened habitats.”

As part of the Carbon Balanced Print and Paper scheme, companies can use the highly recognisable World Land Trust logo to communicate their positive action. The total amount of CO2 balanced and forest benefits are also stated on a unique certificate, which can be used for environmental reporting and marketing purposes.

The urgent need to preserve tropical habitats and the unique species that live in them is gaining more attention, with experts agreeing that the protection of these areas is vital if the natural world is going to recover from environmental damage and climate change. Sir David Attenborough, a patron of World Land Trust since 2003, says: “The money that is given to World Land Trust, in my estimation, has more effect on the wild world than almost anything I can think of.”

A growing number of printers in the UK are joining the Carbon Balanced Printer programme. These environmentally conscious businesses have measured and offset their primary carbon emissions with World Land Trust. Certified Carbon Balanced Printers can exclusively offer their customers Carbon Balanced Print, where both the paper and the print production impacts have been offset. To find out more about becoming a Carbon Balanced Printer, please contact info@carbonbalancedpaper.com

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