TI Media is now delivering all of their 42 UK subscriber titles with paper wrap that has been Carbon Balanced, offsetting an estimated 144 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions through World Land Trust each year.

TI Media and Walstead UK worked closely with Westcolour to introduce a paper wrapping capability to the Bicester production site last year and following this, TI Media will now print all titles except three from this site, reducing transport in the supply chain and the carbon footprint of subscriber editions.

“To take this project to this point in such a short space of time is extremely satisfying for all involved. It demonstrates what is possible through a close collaboration with our clients and meets the objectives for all key stakeholders around this extremely important topic of sustainability.” – Jon Hearnden, group sales director, Walstead UK

Tom Reynolds, Production director, TI Media, says: “We are immensely proud to be rolling out paper wrap for all our UK subscriber editions while being mindful not to shift the environmental impact from plastic to additional miles in the supply chain.

“However, it would be environmentally irresponsible to think our journey to a greener supply chain stops there. We are committed to working with our partners to explore innovations in eco-friendly materials and solutions that could prove viable for us.”

Prior to bringing wrapping inhouse at Bicester, this initiative would have increased the distance subscriber copies travelled to be packaged.

While polyethylene is recyclable, it is more difficult for consumers to do so with few councils having the capability to offer kerbside recycling of this plastic. In addition to paper having a circular economy – meaning no waste – it is also more broadly recycled. The roll-out follows Country Life’s successful move to paper wrap in July 2019.

TI Media is also actively engaged in a sector-wide re-examination of single-use plastics, including research into biodegradable plastics, through membership of the PPA’s Sustainability Action Group and has its own working group which reviews responsible packaging and sustainable supply chain practices.


The Carbon Balanced Paper scheme encourages companies to balance the carbon emissions of their paper. Doing so not only reduces their environmental impacts, it raises funds enabling World Land Trust to preserve some of the world’s most endangered habitats.

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