According to the New Scientist Daily on 20th July 2022, “A UK temperature of 40°C would be extremely unlikely without climate change, and that every heatwave now has been made more likely and more intense by global warming.” With the effects of the recent heatwave that set a new UK record temperature of 40.3°C on Wednesday 19th July, we can see why combatting global warming is of critical importance to everyone.

To understand more about the necessity to reduce carbon impacts and the real-time opportunities to balance carbon emissions while the world works towards achieving Net Zero targets, Earth Island have compiled a neat A5, 36pp knowledge guide entitled ‘How to Make the Most of Carbon Offsetting’. This booklet covers every part of the process, from the actual problem with carbon, to what carbon offsetting is, to how companies can reduce their carbon footprint and offset their unavoidable carbon emissions. It exhausts every area of the topic for organisations to gain a comprehensive understanding of how we can become more sustainable whilst working towards reducing emissions.

The knowledge guide has been distributed to 14,000 industry contacts with the Summer Solutions magazine and can also be viewed here. This is an essential independent guide that will help the reader become better appraised to make informed decisions about carbon offsetting.

This is an important read for the industry to propel action, help make business’ more environmentally viable and improve their image to customers. This is especially important to UK consumers given that 64% say they would feel more positive towards companies who have reduced their carbon impacts.

Navigating and understanding this subject can be confusing and vague, which is where this guide provides a straightforward explanation and easy to follow steps to enable companies to improve overall environmental knowledge, critical at this time of climatic and environmental crisis.

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