Deltor Communications, Jump Design and Print, St Austell Printing Company, and Simply Cartons are the latest companies to become Certified Carbon Balanced Printers, having their annual carbon emissions offset by World Land Trust (WLT).

The Carbon Balanced Printer scheme has experienced a flurry of activity over the past few weeks with four UK print companies signing up to have their carbon emissions balanced. The scheme calculates the annual emissions of a company, which is used to generate funds to protect some of the world’s most endangered habitats through international conservation charity World Land Trust.

By offsetting their annual operational emissions, the four companies have balanced over 850 tonnes of carbon, resulting in the preservation of over 150 acres of endangered land, which is equivalent to 85 football pitches.

The addition of these companies boosts the total amount of UK Carbon Balanced Print-certified organisations to 16. When customers choose to use Carbon Balanced Paper, printed by a Carbon Balanced Printer, they can be confident in knowing they are using one of the most sustainable and planet-positive print solutions available.

“As part of our continuing effort to be a leader in sustainable printing, we are thrilled to become a certified Carbon Balanced Printer in the UK,” says Tony Napodano, Director of Jump Design and Print. “Despite a challenging year, sustainability remains paramount for us as a business, and we know this commitment will be shared by many of our clients.”

Sam Shannon, Deltor Communications‘ Managing Director, says, “We are proud to support the fantastic work World Land Trust are doing to protect threatened habitats and wildlife, and we know our clients will share this pride and want to get involved.”

All certified printers and users of Carbon Balanced Print can proudly demonstrate their positive action by using the highly visible World Land Trust logo on their printed material. Carbon Balanced Printers are also able to offer their customers certificates to highlight the amount of CO2 balanced and the area of land protected.

End Users that specify Carbon Balanced Paper, printed by a Carbon Balanced Printer, have exclusive permission to use the Carbon Balanced Print logo.

“Demonstrating a commitment to the environment is something that’s hugely important for us as a company,” says Matt Bunt, Marketing and Communications Manager of St Austell Printing Company. “Being a Carbon Balanced Printer shows that we take our environmental responsibility seriously, with real, tangible results in the form of preserved land.”

Craig Mather, Chief Executive of Simply Cartons says, “The environment is at the heart of what we do, and we take great care to use environmentally friendly processes throughout our company. Simply Cartons is proud to add World Land Trust Certification to our list of commitments and we are very excited to now offer our clients Carbon Balanced Cartons.”

Carbon Balanced Print and Paper supports WLT, which protects the forests of Khe Nuoc Trong in Vietnam, one of the most biologically diverse countries on Earth. WLT offset emissions by protecting threatened habitats that are both highly effective stores of atmospheric CO2 and home to dozens of threatened species.

Dan Bradbury, Director of Communications and Development at World Land Trust, says, “WLT welcome the support of Jump Design and Print, Deltor Communications, St Austell Printing Company and Simply Cartons. Carbon Balanced Print and Paper supports World Land Trust projects in Vietnam, one of the most biologically diverse countries on Earth. It is also one of the fastest growing economies in the world, which is putting immense pressure on its exceptional biodiversity.”

The urgent need to protect tropical habitats and the unique species residing in them has been amplified by the recent powerful documentaries by Sir David Attenborough. A patron of World Land Trust since 2003, Sir David says, “The money that is given to World Land Trust, in my estimation, has more effect on the wild world than almost anything I can think of.”

About Carbon Balanced Print and Paper

Carbon Balanced Paper, in partnership with international conservation charity World Land Trust, offers a simple way for organisations to balance their paper impacts by protecting the world’s most biologically significant and threatened habitats.

Since its launch, over 3,000 brands and organisations have taken positive action by choosing Carbon Balanced Paper. In total, over 190,000 tonnes of CO2e has been balanced, helping World Land Trust to protect 19,000 acres of threated habitats.

About World Land Trust

World Land Trust (Charity No. 1001291) is an international conservation charity that protects the world’s most biologically significant and threatened habitats acre by acre. Since its foundation in 1989, World Land Trust has funded partner organisations around the world to create reserves and give permanent protection to habitats and wildlife. To date, World Land Trust has helped secure more than 881,000 acres of threatened habitat in 20 countries.

WLT patrons include Sir David Attenborough OM CH FRS, Steve Backshall MBE, David Gower OBE, and Chris Packham CBE.

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